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Voltage Converters

Compact Voltage ConvertersCompact Voltage Converters
Assorted Voltage Converters for Travellers

Voltage Converters

Voltageconverters are used to change the voltage of an electrical power sourceto another voltage. These are necessary devices to have when using electricalappliances and equipment designed for use on one continent, in another -typically overseas from the first continent.

Please click the links above to purchase, or readdetailed descriptions below, about our selection of Voltage Converters.

100Watt Capacity - Step Up/Down Voltage Converter

100 Watt MaximumCapacity Heavy-Duty Voltage Converter / Transformer
Dual Step Up or Step Down functionality
Switch the transformer to 110V for use in USA to output 220V
Switch the transformer to 220V for use in overseas to output 110V
Input: 110V -> Output: 220V
Input: 220V -> Output: 110V
Very High Capacity Shock-Proof Socket
LED Indicator for Power Source
European Plug on the cord
US Plug adapter included
2 sockets in the front - accepts North American 3-Prong Plug and 2 prongEuropean Plug
Heavy duty for continuous use. Durable industrial type cord
Ventilated design for continuous use
Fuse protected - Fuse will cut off the current if the transformer is overloadedto protect the transformer and your appliance
100 Watt Voltage converter
2 spare fuses
Plug adapter for USA

AKOOSDC-AC power inverter - 100 WATTS OUTPUT - 190 WATTS PEAK

Converts Vehicles12 Volt DC power Outlet into a 110/120 Volt AC Household Outlet !!
Provides household type 110/120 volt AC power. Simply plug the inverterdirectly into any 12 volt DC vehicles accessory outlet to power or rechargesmall electronic equipment such as: Laptop computers, Portable radios, CDplayers/ MP3 players, Color TVs, Lamps, Video games and more...
Recharges Laptop computers, Cellular phones, Camcorders, Digital cameras, Powertool battery packs, and more...
Added safety features include: low battery shutdown and electronic circuitprotection to protect your battery, inverter and electronics from accidentaldamage.
Fuse: 15A
Input Voltage: DC 12 Volt
Output Voltage: AC 110 Volt
Output Power: 100 Watt
Short Circuit: Protection
Over Load: Protection
Over Voltage: Protection
Power plug adjusts to a 45 angle
No installation required

InternationalDual Voltage Converter 110V-220V

The InternationalDual Voltage Converter is designed for Travelers. Dual Voltage Input 110/220VAC with two flat pins adapter plug.
Pure AC Output use for chargers, Electric Razors, Radios, Contact LensSterilizers, Cameras, Radios, Calculators, AC adaptors, Discmans...
Travel Pouch Included

Enables travelersto use the converter in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and in North & SouthAmerica.
Specifically engineered for electrical appliances with input voltage AC220/240V used in the area of 110/120V power main electricity or vice versa.

InternationalDual Voltage Converter 220V-110V

The InternationalTC-50C Voltage Converter is designed for people travelling from Europe to NorthAmerica. It will convert your 220V electronics so that you can use them in a110V environment.
Excellent for use with electric shavers, blow dryers, radios, calculators...
Small and Compact in size makes it excellent for travelling light.

InternationalDual Voltage Converter 110V-220V

The InternationalTC-50A Voltage Converter is designed for people travelling from North Americato Europe. It will convert your 110V electronics so that you can use them in a220V environment.
Excellent for use with electric shavers, blow dryers, radios, calculators...
Small and Compact in size makes it excellent for travelling light.

110Volt - 220 Volt Adapter Plugs

110v - 220vAdapter Plugs.
To be used with our 110v-220v Chargers or any other device that works under a220V setting.
Will Convert a North American Plug to a European Plug.
Works in any country that uses the 2 pin plug.

Should you have any questions about the voltageconverters we carry, we invite you to Contact Us with your query.We’re always happy to assist you.