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Solar Battery Chargers

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T4 4 Slot Smart Charger for 3.2 Volt LiFePO4, 3.7 Volt Li-Ion, NiCd & NiMH Batteries

$45.89 USD

Nokoser 4 Slot Smart Charger for 3.2 Volt LiFePO4, 3.7 Volt Li-Ion, NiCd & NiMH Batteries

$45.89 USD

Lithium Phosphate Charger for 3.2 Volt Batteries (14430, 14505, 18500 & 18650)

$32.99 USD

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Solar Battery Chargers

Here is some fundamental information you might find valuable regarding solar batteries and solar lights.

AA NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) and Lifepo4 batteries are rechargeable batteries, that are most commonly found in Solar Lighting. NiCd's are rechargeable batteries and are a great replacement for AA Alkalines in powering solar lights due to their low drain operation.

In high-drain situations, please refer to AA NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable batteries, which offer more capacity, but self-discharge more quickly.

AA NiCd batteries are rated in various mAh capacities (milliampere-hours), as are all batteries. In NiCd chemistry, typical ratings are: 600 mAh, 700 mAh, 900 mAh and 1000 mAh. However solar lights in particular, for example, require 600 mAh, not 1000.

Ni-Cd  (Nickel Cadmium) batteries are the most sought out rechargeable batteries in the world. Their composition is toxic to our planet if left in land-fills so it's important to recycle all NiCd batteries when we are done with them. NiCd batteries are available in AA, AAA, C, D, 9-Volt sizes. Ni-Cd batteries and battery packs are commonly used in low-drain applications such as: radio-control vehicles, cordless power tools such as drills, clocks, flashlights, and solar lighting, just to name some of the most widely used applications. It's important to discharge these batteries fully before charging them, or their capacity will drop, resulting in less run-time during operation. This is often referred to as the "Memory Effect". There are battery chargers with a discharge feature built-in to the unit for the convenience of not having to run the actual device that holds the battery, in order to fully drain it prior to recharging.

We accept purchase orders from: The Private and Public sectors, Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Agencies and Departments, Schools and Universities, Laboratories, The Hotel Industry, and All Volume Users of AAAA Alkaline Batteries.

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