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24 Volt NiCd & NiMH 1.8 AMP Battery Pack Smart Charger

24 Volt NiCd & NiMH 1.8 AMP Battery Pack Smart Charger
  • Charges 24V NiMH/Nicd battery packs with capacity > 1800mAh
  • Charging current: 1.8A pulse current.
  • Temperature sensor: NTC R25 =10 K B=3960
  • Input: 100~240VAC 50/60Hz 0.8A
  • Dimension (HxWxL): 2.7"(69mm) x3.6"(91mm)x4.9"(127.22mm)
  • Weight: 1.0 lb 3.2 Oz (544 grams)
  • Brand: Power Portable

  • Universal Smart Charger
  • Detect Minus delta V ( > 6 mV/cell) to cut-off power when battery is fully charged
  • Detect temperature rising rate. ( dT/dt) If battery pack temperature rises too fast, (>0.5oC/60S)the charger will reduce charging current.
  • ◦Detect battery pack's max. temperature (T max.). If pack's temperature >70oC, the charger will cut-off power.
  • Over charge protection;
  • Reverse Polarity protection.
  • Includes one 3.5" long of Temperature sensor(70C, BEC female plug)
  • Includes one 2 to 1 connector adapter, convert from 3 pin male cannon connector to standard female Tamiya connector & BEC male connector adapter
  • Included Connector/Adaptor: BEC male to male connector (3.0", 22AWG)
  • CE & U/L Approved

Charge Times:
13000 mAh --> 8.5 hours
10000 mAh -> 6.5 hours
5000 mAh -> 3 hours

Important Note:

The temperature sensor (BEC male connector) included with the charger must be attached firmly to battery pack. If you don't connect the temperature sensor to battery pack, we are NOT liable for damage to the pack.

Item ID: 19828

Price: $59.99 USD

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