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AA 3.2 Volt 600 mAh LiFePO4 14500 Battery (14mm x 50mm)

AA 3.2 Volt 600 mAh LiFePO4 14500 Battery (14mm x 50mm)
This Battery is a AA Size battery. Please measure and compare and verify that it is written 14505 or 14500 on the battery. If it is smaller then it is probably the 3.2v 14430 battery. You can replace this battery with capacities(mAh)that range from 200mAh till 800mAh.

  • Nominal Voltage: 3.2V
  • Size: AA (14505) or (14500)
  • Capacity: 600 mAh (Replaces 500mAh / 400mAh / 250mAh and more)
  • Chemistry: Lithium Phosphate (LiFePO4)
  • Max Charging current: 0.6A
  • Max Discharging current: 0.6A
  • Energy density: 96.96 wh/kg
  • Brand: Blue Label
  • Included Qty: 1

  • Length: 50 mm (1.97")
  • Diameter: 14 mm (0.55")
  • Weight: 19.8 g (0.78 Oz)

  • No memory effect
  • Long storage life
  • Light weight and high energy density
  • same size as an AA size battery, but has 3 times higher voltage
  • Up to 1000 Charge Cycles

Ideal for the following applications:
  • Solar Lights
  • Emergency Lights
  • 3.2VDC Device with 0.6A Max drain
  • Custom Battery Packs

Recommended chargers for these batteries:

2 Slot Charger: Lithium Phosphate Charger for 3.2 Volt Batteries (14430, 14505, 18500 & 18650)


4 Slot Charger: T4 4 Slot Smart Charger for 3.2 Volt LiFePO4, 3.7 Volt Li-Ion, NiCd & NiMH Batteries

This is the new Generation of Li-Ion Battery ( Li-Fe-PO4): High discharging rate, non explosive, lighter weight and much safer Overall.

Note: These are Replacements for the 400mAh and 500mAh 3.2v AA battery.

Item ID: 15825

Price: $5.69 USD

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