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ES907 Universal Solar Battery Charger (In Case)

ES907 Universal Solar Battery Charger (In Case)
  • Model: ES907
  • Voltage: 7 Volt
  • Charge Current: 160mA

  • Charges 4 AA, 4 AAA, 4 C, 4 D rechargeable batteries at a time
  • Charges NiMH and NiCD batteries
  • Resistant to any weather condition
  • Built-in blocking diode prevents the reverse flow of electicity from the battery
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Environmental friendly
  • Operating cost is free
  • Equipped with a portable handle for easy carrying
  • Features a 7V DC multi-plug output to charge 6V devices. Measures 7" X 7" X 2".

Rechargeable time will vary depending upon the strength of the sunlight or the level to which the batteries are discharged and the battery capacity. The higher capacity of the battery will require the longer charging time.