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Power Supplies 12 Volt - 19 Volt

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Universal USB Charger

$8.99 USD

12 Volt Switching Power Supply (9 AMP)

$47.99 USD

12 Volt DC Laptop Style Switch Mode DC Power Supply (6.67 AMP)

$34.99 USD

16 Volt DC Switching Set Top Power Supply (2.5 AMP)

$34.99 USD

12 Volt DC Power Inverter for Laptops

$26.99 USD

19 Volt DC 3.15 AMP Switching Set Top Power Supply

$24.99 USD

Universal USB Charger (Carded)

$8.99 USD

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12 Volt - 19 Volt  AC DC Power Supplies

Our business is clearly batteries and battery chargers, but we have acquired a modest inventory of power supplies over the years.

Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll locate it for you within a matter of minutes, through our trusted supplier up the street, if we don’t have in stock what you require the day you call or write.

At the top of this page, please see our selection of 2 – 9 amp power supplies in AC or DC. Ranging from 12 volts to 19 volts. We have switching power supplies, desk-top power supplies, laptop power supplies and set-top power supplies. We’ve got power inverters too!

One call or email to us and we’ll treat you right! We'll work with you to meet your requirements.

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