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Lithium Batteries

AA  Lithium BatteriesAA Lithium Batteries
AA Lithium Batteries - Longest Lasting Batteries
AAA Lithium BatteriesAAA Lithium Batteries
AAA Lithium Batteries - Longest Lasting Batteries
9 Volt Lithium Batteries9 Volt Lithium Batteries
9 Volt Lithium Batteries in Duracell & Energizer
Lithium Batteries by the CaseLithium Batteries by the Case
Buy Lithium Batteries by the Case
Energizer Lithium Battery CombosEnergizer Lithium Battery Combos
Buy variety packs of aa, aaa, and 9 volt lithium batteries L91 / L92
Photo Lithium BatteriesPhoto Lithium Batteries
3 Volt Photo Lithium Batteries
28L L544 Lithium Batteries28L L544 Lithium Batteries
28L L544 6 Volt Lithium Batteries
CR1/3N (2L76) Lithium BatteriesCR1/3N (2L76) Lithium Batteries
DL1/3N 3 Volt Lithium Batteries
Primary Lithium Batteries (All Sizes)Primary Lithium Batteries (All Sizes)
Saft, Tadiran , Omincell Primary Lithium Batteries with and Without Tabs
CR14250SE Lithium BatteriesCR14250SE Lithium Batteries
CR14250SE 3 Volt Lithium Batteries with Pins and Connectors
FDK (Sanyo) 3V Lithium BatteriesFDK (Sanyo) 3V Lithium Batteries
FDK (Formerly Sanyo) Primary Lithium batteries in various sizes.
Saft Lithium Primary (Li-SOCl2) BatteriesSaft Lithium Primary (Li-SOCl2) Batteries
Saft Lithium Primary (Li-SOCl2) Batteries in Various Sizes
Tadiran Batteries Primary Lithium  (Li-SOCl2)Tadiran Batteries Primary Lithium (Li-SOCl2)
Tadiran Batteries Primary Lithium in All Different Sizes
Xeno Lithium Primary (Li-SOCl2) BatteriesXeno Lithium Primary (Li-SOCl2) Batteries
Xeno Primary Lithium Batteries in All Different Sizes
Varta Lithium BatteriesVarta Lithium Batteries
Varta 3V Lithium Primary Batteries
PLC BatteriesPLC Batteries
Programmable Logic Control Batteries

 Lithium Batteries Energizer, Panasonic, Saft, Tadiran & Duracell

Lithium Batteries are non rechargeable batteries commonly used in countless electronic devices today, both in industry, institutions and in the consumer world. They offer a very long shelf life and are the popular choice for many. Non rechargeable batteries are also called “disposable” or“single use”.

Lithium chemistry in batteries, came to us circa 1980’s.Lithium is a metal with very low density and it has the greatest electrochemical and energy to weight ratio. This makes is a superior chemistry for use in batteries.

A warning to all who might not be aware: Never try to recharge non rechargeable batteries! To do so, poses a substantial risk for leakage and battery rupture.

To help you understand a little about each type of lithium battery we offer, their voltages, model numbers and their applications,we’ve divided this page into paragraphs for each type. Each category of Lithium Battery has a link at the beginning of the section so you can go directly to our product offerings for that type of lithium battery immediately if you wish.

Photo Lithium Batteries Energizer, Panasonic  & Duracell

Photo Lithium batteries have the following commonly used model numbers: CR123A, CR2, CRP2, 2CR5 and CRV3 and there are rechargeable formats to these as well, made with Lithium Ion chemistry and those are discussed on the same pages as the links for the CR123A, CR2, CRP2, 2CR5 and CRV3 above. Of course, brand name manufacturers label their versions of these batteries with their own model numbers and are equal and equivalent to those listed above. For example, Energizer calls theirs: the EL123A, Duracell's version is the DL123A, while Rayovac's model number is the RL123A. The leading name brand Photo Lithium battery manufacturers are: Duracell, Energizer, Panasonic, Rayovac,Titanium, and Sanyo.

Photo Lithium Batteries have voltages of either 3 or 6 volts. They are used often in today’s digital cameras, flashlights, personal computers and memory backup.They offer long lasting performance and have long shelf lives, typically 10 years.

The price of photo lithium batteries can vary substantially from brand to brand and can become expensive when purchased on blister card. For example, the Duracell 2CR5, can range in price anywhere between $5.95 and $12.95, depending on the source. Simply put, if you don’t require the batteries to be blister card packaged, say for re-sale purposes, you ought to buy them in bulk as you are assured significant savings right there.

When you find a trustworthy and reliable supplier who can deliver what you need at a good price, it’s wise to stock up on whichever model numbers you need, to have them on hand for a long time to come, whether you require the CR123, CR2, 2CR5, CRP2, the CRV3 or several, or all of them! Even if they sit on the shelf for a couple of years, your investment is protected.

You can also buy generic Photo Lithium Batteries which are manufactured in China. The quality might be slightly inferior but the price is accordingly lower and for standard consumer use, there’s barely a noticeable difference in performance, so price usually wins out.

28L / PX28L 6 Volt Lithium Battery

This is 6 volt non rechargeable battery, and is an ideal choice for use in digital cameras, dog collars and electronic fences.They offer excellent performance and carry a long shelf life. We have 28L / PX28L 6 Volt Lithium Batteries by Duracell. Please see below, their compatible counterparts.

Compatible with the following:

·       28, 28A, 28L

·       PX28, PX28A, PX28L

·       4G13

·       4LR44

·       KS28,

·       V28PX

·       1406SOP,

·       L544,A544

·       V34PX

·       28PXL

·       2CR1/3N

·       1414A

·       1406LC

·       2CR11108

We offer 28L / PX28L 6 Volt Lithium Batteries in singles,in 4 packs and in 8 packs.

Primary Lithium Batteries

These lithium batteries are 3.6 volts and are available in 1/2 AA, 2/3 AA, AA, C and D sizes. We offer them in mAh ratings (milliampere hours) ranging between 1200 mAh to 19000 mAh. They are very high energy density and offer a long shelf life. They are commonly relied upon in industry in the manufacturing process.

Main Applications:

·       Backup power for circuit board.

·       General purpose; camera/electronic cells

·       Medical equipment; military/aerospace

·       Telecommunications; water/electricity meter

·       LED (Light Emitting Diode) lighting applications

CR 1/3N Lithium Battery

The CR 1/3 N Lithium battery is a 3 volt,non-rechargeable battery rated at 160 mAh (milleampere hours) in capacity.

They offer long shelf-lives and retain their power extremely well, with less than 10% loss (self-discharge) of power over their unused life span.
They are typically used in digital cameras and children’s toys, electronic dog collars, steno pens and all other devices manufactured to use CR 1/3 N Lithium non-rechargeable batteries. Duracell, Energizer, Ray-O-Vac, Ever-Ready, Sanyo and others, manufacture the CR 1/3N Lithium battery, each with their own model numbers such as: 2l76, k58l,CR11108, and 5018LC, to name a few. All are equal in compatibility.

We offer them in generic form and by Sanyo. We sell them in single lots and in packs of 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 25, and 50 lots. These batteries measure 11.6mm (0.45") in diameter x 10.6mm (0.42") in height.

The CR 1/3N Lithiums are much more cost effective when purchased in greater quantity.  Because of their long shelf life, it’s wise to stock up when you find a reasonable price, if you use this battery regularly.

Energizer AA Lithium Battery L91

AA lithium batteries are 1.5 volts batteries and as with all lithium chemistry batteries, are not rechargeable. They are an ideal alternative to AA alkaline batteries, with far superior performance. The AA lithium delivers 2900 mAh (milleampere hours). Lithium is a high power battery chemistry and is sure to out-perform standard AA Alkalines because they will last 5 times as long! That bears repeating ! FIVE times as long! It’s a great battery for high-drain devices where you’d need high power due to high consumption and therefore, require high performance!

AA Lithiums are manufactured by such brands as:Energizer, Duracell, Camelion, Hitech and Powerizer.

They are not to be confused with AA Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) batteries. There do exist, AA lithium Ions, but they’re NOT available for consumer applications. AA lithium Ion batteries are 3.6 volts and would harm any device that requires a standard 1.5 volt battery.

AA lithium batteries are ideal to use in GPS units, digital cameras, children’s toys, LED (light emitting diode) flashlights, just to name a few applications.Anywhere you’d use AA Alkalines, you may use AA Lithium batteries.

Buying AA lithium batteries online from the right source beats shopping at the average brick and mortar store and buying then in bulk packaging instead of on blister cards will greatly reduce your cost! If you don’t need them for resale purposes, it’s recommended to buy them in bulk and save big!

AA lithium batteries have a very long shelf life, at 6-8 years, so when you do find a great deal from a trusted and reliable supplier, it’s best to stock up for future use with no worries that they can remain on the shelf until you need them!

Eneregizer AAA Lithim Battery L92

Are you looking for AAA lithium batteries? The AAA Lithium is an ideal alternative to the non-rechargeable AAA alkaline battery.AAA Lithiums deliver 1.5 volts and are sure to out-perform standard AAA Alkalines, even by brand names such as Duracell and Energizer.

AAA Lithium batteries deliver between 1.5 - 3.7 Volts and are used heavily in many consumer electronic devices.
AAA lithium batteries are disposable batteries that have a very long shelf life. The AAA Lithium battery could easily sit on the shelf for 8 years with no worries. Therefore, when you do find a deal on AAA Lithiums, it's best to take the opportunity to stock up for future use.

Energizer & Ultralife 9 Volt Lithium Batteries

These are high power, non rechargeable batteries that also offer a very long shelf life. They are light-weight batteries.

They are the IDEAL choice for smoke detectors as well as metal detectors, alarm clocks, portable radios, flashlights, and all other 9volt devices where the battery will remain in the device for long intervals between use. Warning to all those who might not be aware: NEVER use 9 Volt RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES in your smoke detector. They discharge quickly when not in use, (called self discharge) and will likely be rendered useless quickly without recharge. A smoke detector is a device which means nothing, unless it can be counted on to perform reliably. Only use NON rechargeable 9 volt batteries in ALL your smoke detectors.

9 Volt Lithiums are available in 600 mAh and 1200 mAh. (mAh is the abbreviation for milliampere-hours). The higher the mAh rating, the longer the battery will last.

These batteries are comparatively more expensive than say, AA Alkaline batteries, so when you find a deal on 9 volt lithiums, it pays to stock up. The average cost of a 9 volt lithium battery can range between $6.00 and $9.00,depending on the manufacturer and the source seller. It’s also good to know that 9 volt lithiums rated at 600 mAh cost 50% less than a 9 volt lithium with a 1200 mAh rating, so be wary of thinking you are getting a good deal if you buy 600 mAh, as you are paying less, but only getting half the power. This is a logical no-brainer. Cost in batteries always factors in capacity.

No matter which kind of lithium batteries you require, we can supply them for you and offer substantial savings to those who buy in bulk.

We welcome institutional orders from Government Agencies, Schools and Universities, Hospitals and otherorganizations who wish to place purchase orders with us for scheduled shipmentsover time. Please click this link to get to our purchase order page.

Of course we are fully equipped to supply product at the wholesale level of pricing for quantity users of ALL TYPES and sizes of batteries. Many of our wholesale clients have special delivery needs. Some ask us to deliver their order, in scheduled shipments over time. Others need the merchandise delivered to multiple branch locations. Whatever your wholesale batteries requirements are, we will work closely with you to accommodate even the most tailored specifics. We’ll do our best to be your number 1 battery supplier. Our entire Wholesale Section of Batteries and Battery Chargers, can be reviewed at this link.

Note that we can supply batteries in wholesale lots at wholesale pricing, on blister cards, ready for retail display for the reseller, or supply them in bulk packaging where you will save even more.

We accept purchase orders from: The Private and Public sectors, Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Agencies and Departments, Schools and Universities, Laboratories, The Hotel Industry, and All Volume Users of Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers.

Visit our many impressive DAILY SPECIALS which, as the name implies, change DAILY!  

Should you have any questions about batteries and charger combos before you purchase, we encourage you to contact us with your queries to get the accurate, technical information you need. We’re always happy to assist you!

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