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LED Flashlights

Ultra Bright High Power Cree LED Aluminum FlashlightsUltra Bright High Power Cree LED Aluminum Flashlights
Super Bright Cree LED Flashlight, Charger & BatteriesSuper Bright Cree LED Flashlight, Charger & Batteries


A flashlight is described as hand-held electric-powered light source. The two types of light sources present in flashlights are: an incandescent light bulb or an LED (light-emitting diode).

Outside of North America, many English speaking nations refer to this device as an electric torch or a torch light, not a flashlight.  Whatever we call them, their purpose is fundamental and widely used the world over. They are used on camping trips, for night time dog walks, in power failures, and virtually any time or place you need to illuminate a darkened path. Cinema house and live theater halls employ flashlights for their ushers to use to bring patrons to their seats. Disaster relief agencies find flashlights to be indispensable in the work they do.

We have flashlights made by Tenergy, using CREE LED technology lights.

Cree Offers:

  • Increased Return on Energy solutions into multiple applications including exciting alternatives in brighter and more tunable LED light for general illumination,
  • Backlighting for more vivid displays
  • Optimized power management for high-current switch-mode power supplies and variable speed motors and,
  • More effective wireless infrastructure for data and voice communications.

The bulbs in these flashlights never need replacing. They are constructed with aluminum, are water proof and shock proof as well.

We have Rubber Puck flashlights. We have 9, 14, and 24 head LED Ultra Brightflashlights.

We’ve got portable/pocket sized flashlights that are lightweight and ideal for children to use.

Some are super light weight and some have a knurled body for better grip.There’s a flashlight for every preference.

Many of our flashlights have a wrist strap for easy carrying, also perfect for children, who can loop them through the strap on their back packs for added security. Hikers will find them handy to have when trekking through hills before dawn, or at twilight. Fishermen use them while on the lake before dawn as well.

We have LUXEON K2 Technology flashlights. These are the lowest cost-of-light LED with the widest operating range. LUXEON ® K2 Power LEDs establish elevated standards for light output, thermal management, cost and manufacturability. LUXEON ® K2 gives you the world's best LED light output with 140 or more lumens in white, outstripping the performance of other power LEDs by 15 to 30% and significantly lowering the cost per lumen. LUXEON K2 offers expanded white binning with CCT range from 2670K to 10000K.

LUXEON K2 Offers:

  • Highest Drive Currents
  • Highest Flux Performance
  • Highest Operating Temperature
  • Industry Leading Lumen Maintenance
  • Available in all colors including warm-white, neutral-white and cool-white
  • Surface Mountable for Optimal Manufacturability
  • Autoclave Compliant
  • RoHS Compliant and Lead-Free
  • Simplified Optical Engineering
  • Highest Lumen / $
  • Highest Lumens per mm2
  • Emitter and Star configurations available

At the top of this page, you’ll see our selection of Flashlights. We are well stocked and always carry an extensive inventory to meet wholesale orders of flashlights. If your organization requires a large lot of flashlights, please email us at or call us Toll-Free at 1-800-660-7705 to discuss your needs.

We are equipped to deliver your flashlights on scheduled shipments if that’s what you prefer. We can divide an order as many ways as is necessary to accommodate your many satellite locations. We will treat you right! Give us a call today! Our "after-sales-service" begins the MOMENT we first connect.

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