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Duracell AA & AAA Alkaline Batteries on Retail Cards

AA Duracell Alkaline Batteries on a 2 and 4 Card
AA Duracell MN1500 Coppertop Batteries on a Retail Card
AAA Duracell Alkaline Batteries on a 2 and 4 Card
AAA Duracell (MN2400) Coppertop Batteries on a Retail Card
9 Volt Duracell Alkaline Batteries on a Card
9 Volt Duracell (MN1604) Coppertop Batteries on a Retail Card

A Story of Intrigue! (not really, but please read it anyway................:) )

Said the merchant to his sales staff.............

“Everyone needs batteries and we can barely keep our shelves stocked! I’m so fed up with our supplier! They keeps raising their prices and their delivery lead time from when we order, is horrible! We’ve got to find a RELIABLE battery supplier, and fast! People won’t make a special trip to the store to get batteries a second time, if we don’t have any left when they come in the first time! We should be able to supply batteries everyday of the week! Batteries are like milk and bread – everyone uses them, and I’m not going to take any more chances with this crazy battery supplier who can never stick to one price or ship us what we sell when we need it. He doesn’t even return our phone calls or emails until days after we contact him and I’ve had it! If he’s not smart enough to take care of his customers, that’s his problem, but we need to take care of ours!

Listening to his boss’s frustration in dealing with an unreliable battery supplier, the stock-boy offered up a very valuable business tip! He told the boss about He explained that all his buddies shop online there for all their battery and battery charger requirements and he raved about their lightening fast shipping and steady pricing! He explained that they have a wholesale division with great pricing to volume users and supply batteries on display cards ready for retail sale to merchants. He went on to say that all the batteries his and his friends had ever bought from were SUPER fresh and that the site owners offer terrific customer service. They return calls promptly, answer emails right away and offer technical guidance whenever you need it!

His boss listened carefully to this rave review and said, “okay, let’s bring their site up and have a look at what they have and get them on the phone to see if they are everything you say they are”.

Without a moment’s hesitation, the stockroom kid had brought up the website and they navigated around within the two main sections that were suitable for their business:

The Blister Carded Batteries Section  and the Wholesale Section for ALL Battery Types

“What a wealth of batteries this company has. Is all this their own inventory, asked the boss? “Yes it is”, replied the stock-boy.

They also got a major charge of excitement as they scanned the  DAILY BATTERY SPECIALS section. The prices on about 50 different kinds of batteries are SLASHED to the MAX everyday and EACH day, the selection changes!

This was such a find for the boss, that he felt an immediate sense of relief that he’d now stumbled upon his soon-to-be new Battery Supplier.

Within minutes, the boss was calculating his battery requirements for the next quarter. Never before was he able to shop for a whole quarter. How could he when his supplier could never deliver that many. Oh, oftentimes he said he could deliver them, but never ended up doing so!

The boss called toll-free line, 1-800-660-7705, to speak to someone about placing an order. Immediately, he reached one of the two owners (who are always there!) and the battery discussion was underway. By the time he got off the phone, he was convinced that he had made the right move in placing his order with them.

In exactly 5 business days, the entire order arrived at his store, on time, as ordered and in perfect condition.

Since he had to carry batteries in all sizes, his order included Duracell Alkaline Batteries on Retails Display Cards in AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 Volt sizes. All were super fresh with date codes spanning 10 years. He was now sure to be able to provide batteries to all his customers the first time they entered his store.

The boss was so happy with the tip he received of this newfound battery supplier that he made his

stock-boy store manager and bought him a car! Naaaaa................... he just made him manager.

The End..........


Information and Product offerings for DURACELL ALKALINE BATTERIES on Retail Cards

We’ve got 1.5 Volt Duracell Alkaline Batteries on 2 per card and 4 per card displays in the following sizes: AA (Model MN1500),AAA (Model MN2400),C(Model MN1400)andD size (Model MN1300).

The 9 Volt size (Model MN1604) are sold on cards, as singles.

Alkaline Batteries are commonly used in numerous consumer electronic devices such as: digital cameras, mp3 players, electronic games, GPS units, tv remote controls plus a host of other popular and widely used products! It’s a safe bet that virtually every room in the home contains devices which operate on Alkaline Batteries.

Alkaline Batteries have very long shelf lives, typically on average, 8 years, so it really pays for resellers and end users alike to stock up on substantial quantities of them when they find a reliable supplier who sells them at a good price!

Please see our Purchase Order Page if you wish to send us your P.O if you are a reseller or wish to buy quantity.

Should you have any questions about batteries and/or chargers before you purchase, we encourage you to contact us with your queries to get the accurate, technical information you need. We’re always happy to assist you!

Call Toll-Free: 1-800-660-7705