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Battery Testers & Meters

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ZTS MBT-1 Pulse Load Multi Battery Tester

$130.69 USD

Battery Rack for 82 Batteries with Tester

$32.49 USD

Universal LCD Battery Tester

$26.19 USD

Pocket Digital Multimeter

$18.39 USD

Camelion Battery Tester

$9.39 USD

Eneloop Battery & Charger Storage Case

$8.99 USD

Battery Tester for AA / AAA / C / D Batteries

$7.99 USD

12 Volt DC Car Charger Plug (5.5 x 2.5mm Barrel Male)

$6.99 USD

Powerex AA & AAA Battery Case (Holds Eight Batteries)

$3.99 USD

IPowerUS AA & AAA Battery Case

$2.69 USD

Sony AA & AAA Battery Case (Two Batteries)

$1.29 USD

Spacers for 6 Slot Lithium Ion Smart Charger

$1.29 USD

Sony AA & AAA Battery Case (One Battery)

$1.19 USD

2-Pack Pocket Digital Multimeters

$34.49 USD

Westinghouse Dynamo Battery Rack / Case and Tester (Holds 47 Batteries)

$23.99 USD

4 x D Size Maxell Battery Adapters for AA Batteries

$11.49 USD

4 x C Size Maxell Battery Adapters for AA Batteries

$9.99 USD

8 pcs set C Size Battery Adapters for AA Batteries

$13.49 USD

12 pcs set C Size Battery Adapters for AA Batteries

$22.19 USD

16 x C Size Battery Adapters for AA Batteries

$27.59 USD

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Information and Product Offerings for Battery Adapters, Cases, Racks, and Testers/Analyzers

Everyone can benefit from the products on this page! If you own batteries, any kind of batteries, there is something here to make your life easier! We’ve got battery adapters, cases, rcks, and testers/analyzers. Batteries by brand names like Sony, Panasonic, Eneloop, combination packages, information and great prices.

Let’s explore these individually...

Battery Adapters

Perhaps what you mainly have in your battery inventory, are AA size batteries. They might beAA NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) or they might be AA NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) rechargeable AA’s and they suit you just fine because all the devices you use batteries for, require AA size batteries.Even the transistor radio you bought after the Great War, uses these AA batteries. Fair enough.

Alas your birthday rolls around and someone presents you with an amazing new-fangled, full-featured radio that knocks your old transistor out of the park! I mean this thing does everything except takeout the trash! As you open the battery compartment, you discover that this “Cadillac” of radios, operates on 4 D size batteries. Oh oh! You only own AA batteries because until now, that’s all you’ve ever needed.

Solution #1. Rush off to the corner store toget 4 D size batteries, ooooooops, better make that 8 or 12 to have a steady supply on hand so you can listen to talk radio all night long on your new radio with surround sound, or, solution #2: pop your AA batteries into the D size Battery Adapters neatly postured in your utility cupboard for just such an occasion, and PRESTO – you will be listening to your favorite radio shows in no time!

Battery Adapters convert small batteries into larger ones. Well, when we say convert, we mean their size. No longer do you need to own batteries in all sizes, if you only use a couple of sizes in total.Battery Adapters will allow you to power your battery-operated devices if the batteries you own are too little to fit into battery compartment. They’re really a truly practical solution!

Battery Cases

Does your workshop have loose batteries in it, sometimes rolling off the table?

Does your utility drawer contain loose batteries mixed in with a few screwdrivers,masking tape, light bulbs and a few gizmos you’re not even sure the purpose of?If you’re like many people, you might be unaware that there do exist storage cases designed just for batteries! They have compartments which house your batteries neatly making them easily accessible just when you need them. No more searching through clutter. No more bending down on hands and knees searching for batteries that have rolled off the table top. One day, they might make all batteries in rectangular shapes but until then, it’s best to keep them secured within a battery case. Storing your batteries in battery cases not only keeps them all in one place but allows to grab and go, if you’re off to an all-day activity where you’re sure to need extras on hand. They’re practical,inexpensive and to be honest, the kind of thing you might not ordinarily think of buying but would sure be glad to have once you did. We store many things in cases designed for those items specifically. We’ve got CD/DVD cases, eyeglass and sunglass cases, computer cases, and tool boxes. We have cases for beer, and cases for suits and cases for books. Now we can have cases for batteries too. If you have a large inventory of batteries of multiple sizes, get yourself a case that will hold them all! Made of hard plastic with a secure snap-closure. Extra compartment for your battery charger! Protect your batteries from direct sunlight. Buy your battery cases here.

Battery Racks

Whether you have a modest tool box or utility/hardware drawer filled with only a few basic items, or a fully furnished workshop with more tools than you can count,you have batteries somewhere nearby. But just where are they? Did your wife put them in the drawer that contains her oven mitts? Did your son put them in the bottom drawer of his studio apartment bedroom desk. When you need a battery,the last thing you want to do is search high and low for it. The problem is solved if you use a battery rack!

Battery Racks, like battery cases, are compartmentalized holders for your batteries. They are either wall mountable (screws included) or can be placed in a drawer or ona workshop table top. No matter how you choose to place your battery rack, it will store your batteries neatly. Never search again for AA batteries inside a heap of C, D and 9 Volt size batteries loosely tossed into a bin in your linen closet. Organize your batteries by size in a Battery Rack and always have easy access to them, and what’s more, know what you’re low on and need to replace!Battery Racks have battery testers/analyzers built-in. A quick test and you’ll immediately know if the batteries you intended to use are dead and need to be recharged. You see, battery racks are designed specifically for....Batteries!

Battery Testers

If you own batteries, you will be happy to have a device dedicated to testing their power. Get your Multi-Function Digital Multimeter at See below for details:


  • Continuity Beeper - Diode Tester
  • Transistor Tester
  • Battery Tester
  • DC Voltage: 200mV /2V/ 20V / 200V / 500V(+-0.5-0.8% + 2-3digits)
  • AC Voltage: 200V / 500V (+-1-1.2% + 10digits)
  • DC Current: 200uA/2mA/ 20mA / 200mA / 10A (+- 1.0-3.0% of rdg + 2digits)
  • Resistance: 200/2K/20K/200K/2M Ohm(+-1.0-1.5% 3digits)
  • Standard Accessories Test Lead, Battery, Manual
  • 3.5 digits
  • Max 1,999 Count Display
  • Data Hold
  • Display Backlight
  • Power 9V Battery(6F22 9VOLT)
  • Low Battery Display
  • Weight: 7.2 oz (included 9V battery)

Package includes:

  • 1 x Digital Multimeter
  • 2 x Test leads
  • 1 x 9V alkaline battery
  • 1 x manual --- detail instruction on operation in English
  • Dimension: 5 3/4" L x 2 7/8" W x 1 1/2" H

We are committed to providing quality customer service. If you have any questions regarding battery adapters, testers/analyzers, racks or cases, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your query. We’re always delighted to help get you on the right path with accurate technical battery information.

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