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Battery Chargers Wholesale

AA / AAA Battery Chargers Wholesale
AA & AAA Chargers for NiCd & NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
9 Volt Battery Chargers Wholesale
9 Volt Chargers for NiCd & NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
C / D Battery Chargers Wholesale
C & D Chargers for NiCd & NiMH Rechargeable Batteries
Battery Pack Chargers Wholesale
NiCd, NiMH & Lithium Ion Battery Pack Chargers


Information and Product Offerings for Wholesale Battery Chargers

At, we are committed to providing useful, accurate “baby-talk” information about batteries and battery chargers. Whether you choose to purchase your battery charger from us, or elsewhere, we are still happy to contribute to your knowledge about batteries and the specific chargers that go with each battery chemistry and size.  

Along with batteries, battery chargers form the mainstay of our business, and it is fundamentally logical for us to do everything we can to educate our customers on the best product for their needs, prior to purchase. If you have, or intend to buy rechargeable batteries, it is prudent to protect and preserve your battery investment by using the correct charger so here are some fundamental charger facts to be aware of. Although battery chargers work on NiMh and NiCd battery chemistries, chargers first and foremost, cater to battery size specifically. Therefore, there are battery chargers specifically for AA, AAA, C, D, 9 volt capacities. There are also Universal Chargers available, which accommodate multiple sizes of batteries at once, ie: they can charge combinations of AA, AAA, C, D, and 9 volt batteries at the same time. These are popular with people who have rechargeable batteries in varying sizes.

There are two main types of charging processes to be aware of before purchasing your charger. One process is called Timer Controlled charging, and the other process is called Smart charging. Timer controlled battery charging is a system where the charging unit is set at the factory level, to charge for a pre- determined length of time, let’s say 10 hours. What this means, is that at the 10 hour mark, the whole unit shuts off and all batteries within it, receive no more charging. Simple? Not really, because with that system, comes batteries that end up being undercharged and batteries that end up being overcharged. How does that happen? It happens because each battery placed into the timer controlled charger, had a different amount of charge left in it to begin with. Some were almost fully discharged while others might have only been slightly used. To have all batteries in a charger, charge for the same length of time, regardless of how much “juice” each one needed to be topped off with, results in this logical consequence of some being overcharged and others being undercharged. Timer controlled battery chargers therefore, are not a good choice for people who have batteries of varying charge depletions.

Smart Chargers on the other hand, detect the amount of voltage or power that each battery still has within it and replenishes the depleted amount of power for each individual battery. Smart chargers are of course, more expensive than timer controlled chargers but well worth the price difference, since no batteries placed in it, will end up under or overcharged. You can significantly preserve your rechargeable batteries life span by using Smart Chargers, if you are unsure of how much power each battery has left. Leave the detective work to the Smart charger and walk away, worry-free that your batteries charging requirements are taken care of precisely correctly.

This page is dedicated to our Wholesale Battery Charger Inventory.  We have an extensive in-house inventory of battery chargers for: AA and AAA size rechargeable batteries, 9 volt rechargeable batteries, C and D size rechargeable batteries, battery pack chargers, NiMh (nickel metal hydride) and NiCd (Nickel Cadmium) chemistry rechargeable batteries and of course Li-Ion (Lithium Ion) rechargeable Battery Chargers, all at wholesale prices in wholesale quantities for the large volume user.

We accept purchase orders from: The Private and Public sectors, Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Agencies and Departments, Schools and Universities, Laboratories, The Hotel Industry, and All Volume Users of Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers.

Visit our many impressive DAILY SPECIALS which, as the name implies, change DAILY!  

Should you have any questions about batteries and charger combos before you purchase, we encourage you to contact us with your queries to get the accurate, technical information you need. We’re always happy to assist you!

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