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Powerex MH-C808M 84.99
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10 Bay 9 Volt Smart Charger Combos

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10 Bay 9 Volt Charger + 10 x 9 Volt AccuPower NiMH Batteries (300 mAh)

$169.99 USD

10 Bay 9 Volt Charger + 10 x 9 Volt AccuLoop NiMH Batteries (220 mAh)

$169.99 USD

10 Bay 9 Volt Charger + 20 x 9 Volt AccuPower NiMH Batteries (300 mAh)

$269.99 USD

10 Bay 9 Volt Charger + 20 x 9 Volt AccuLoop NiMH Batteries (220 mAh)

$269.99 USD

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10 Slot 9 Volt Battery Smart Chargers and (10 or 20) 9 Volt Rechargeable Batteries (Bundles)

If you use 9 Volt rechargeable batteries, but don’t have a charger to go with them, you’ll find interesting packaged deals right here!

We’ve put together these terrific bundled combos of 9 Volt battery chargers along with either 10 or 20 pieces of different capacities of 9 Volt rechargeable batteries.

If you’re not sure what capacity means, and which ones are right for you, please give us a call or send us an email and inquire. We’ll explain all the technical details so you can be an informed battery consumer.

All the batteries in these bundles are made from NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) chemistry and this means they do NOT suffer from memory effect. You can charge and recharge these cells without concern if they have been fully discharged first. They offer up to 1000 charge cycles which is a lot of life cycles.

Some of the combos here even contain low discharge NiMH cells – an even greater benefit for many. Low discharge means that they discharge their power/energy when not in use (idle) at a much slower rate than standard rechargeable batteries retaining much/most of their charge over time (on standby).

Of course, we’re always adding new battery and charger combos! Please check back from time to time to see what’s new at!

We accept purchase orders from: The Private and Public sectors, Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Agencies and Departments, Schools and Universities, Laboratories, The Hotel Industry, and All Volume Users of Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers.

Visit our many impressive DAILY SPECIALS which, as the name implies, change DAILY!  

Should you have any questions about batteries and charger combos before you purchase, we encourage you to contact us with your queries to get the accurate, technical information you need. We’re always happy to assist you!

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