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Silver Oxide Batteries

4SR44 Silver Oxide Batteries4SR44 Silver Oxide Batteries
4LR44, 4SR44, L1325, 28A, A544, PX28A for Cameras, Dog Collars, Keyless Remotes
SR41 Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR41 Silver Oxide Button Batteries
AG3 384 392 192 LR41 LR736 L736 GP192 V36A Batteries
SR43 Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR43 Silver Oxide Button Batteries
AG12 G12 186 386 L1142 LR1142 LR43 Batteries
SR44 Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR44 Silver Oxide Button Batteries
LR44 AG13 L1154 PX76A G13 A76 S76 357 Batteries
SR626SW / SR66 Maxell Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR626SW / SR66 Maxell Silver Oxide Button Batteries
AG4 376 377 SG4 LR66 GP77 LR626 SR626 GP77 Batteries
SR48 / SR754 Camelion Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR48 / SR754 Camelion Silver Oxide Button Batteries
AG5 393 309 193 LR754 LR48 G5 D309 D393
SR927W / SR57 Maxell Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR927W / SR57 Maxell Silver Oxide Button Batteries
AG7 395 399 927 LR926 LR927 LR57 Batteries
SR54 Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR54 Silver Oxide Button Batteries
AG10 389 390 189 LR1130 SR1130 LR54 Batteries
SR416SW Renata (337) Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR416SW Renata (337) Silver Oxide Button Batteries
SR416SW, 337, D337, SR416W Silver Oxide Button Batteries
SR55 / 381 / 391 Duracell Silver Oxide Button BatteriesSR55 / 381 / 391 Duracell Silver Oxide Button Batteries
AG8 LR55 L1120 LR1120 L1121 LR1121 D381 D391 L Batteries


Information and Product Offerings for Silver Oxide Batteries

Silver Oxide chemistry in batteries is a wonderful alternative to Alkaline batteries, lasting on average, 2 ½ times longer than Alkaline. Moreso, this long shelf life is well preserved with over 85 power retention over a period of up to 2 years in storage at a temperature of 70 degrees Farenheit.

There actually is silver inside these batteries and when they come to the end of their life, if they are recycled, their silver content can be harvested for future use in other applications.

Silver Oxide batteries are non rechargeable batteries. Also known as “single use” or disposable”, they offer one lifecycle that runs its course and then is over. Never try to charge  non rechargeable batteries. They are not designed to be charged and this can pose a risk of battery rupture, leakage and even fire to the charger.

Silver Oxide batteries are extensively used in the following capacities:

Laser pointers, Watches, Cameras, Alarm transmitter, Rescue heroes, Children Books, Calculators, Electronic Dog collars, Electronic Fences, Garage door openers, Medical Equipment such as blood pressure monitors, blood sugar monitors (glucometers), Alarm Transmitters, And more...

Our inventory of silver oxide batteries is available in either 1.5 Volt or 6 Volt strengths.

Please click any of the above links, or quick links below, to see our full assortment of products for that particular category. Then click on any item within that category to view full product details and specifications and to see which corresponding industry model numbers are compatible. You may click on the item that has the quantity you wish, to your shopping cart if desired.

Notice the equivelant and compatible model numbers associated with each type of silver oxide battery, noted above. These are model numbers that are designated by different battery manufacturers for marketing purposes. Take note of the model numbers that correspond to the silver oxide cells you require for reference anytime you wish to purchase that particular battery.

We accept purchase orders from: The Private and Public sectors, Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Agencies and Departments, Schools and Universities, Laboratories, The Hotel Industry, and All Volume Users of Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers.

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