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Fuji CR8-LHC Flusher PLC Battery (For Flush-2 Wallingford, Toto TH559EDV410R)

Fuji CR8-LHC Flusher PLC Battery (For Flush-2 Wallingford, Toto TH559EDV410R)
  • Voltage: 3 Volts
  • Chemistry: Lithium
  • Capacity: 3000 mAh
  • Brand: Fuji
  • Termination: Wire Leads with Connector
  • Operational Temperature range: -40c to +85c
  • Diameter: 17mm (0.67")
  • Height: 45mm (1.78")
  • Typical Weight: 23g(0.82oz)
  • QTY: 1

Main Applications:
  • Flushers
  • Water & Electricity Meters
  • Fire Alarm
  • Memory Backup Power Source

Fits the Following:
  • Toto and Wallingford Sales Flush 2, TH559EDV410R, 37858
  • Toto TEL3GCCN-10, Toto TEL3GCCN-60, Toto TEL3GGC-10, Toto TEL3GGC-60, Toto TEL3GKCN-10,
  • Toto TEL3GKCN-60, Toto TEL3GMY-60, Toto TEL3GSC-10, Toto TEL3GSC-60, Toto TEL3GTCN-10,
  • Toto TEL3GTCN-60,Toto TEL3GW-60,Toto TEL3LGC-10, Toto TEL3LSC-10,
  • Toto TEL5GCCN-10, Toto TEL5GCCN-60, Toto TEL5GGC-10, Toto TEL5GGC-60
  • Toto TEL5GKCN-10, Toto TEL5GKCN-60, Toto TEL5GMY-60, Toto TEL5GSC-10, Toto TEL5GSC-60
  • Toto TEL5GTCN-10,Toto TEL5GTCN-60, Toto TEL5LGC-10, Toto TEL5LSC-10, Toto TH559EDV410R, Toto TN78-9V310

Item ID: 20389

Price: $18.99 USD

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