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24 Free AAA Alkaline (Powerpack) - White
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V-888N AA NiMH/NICd Battery Charger
V-888N AA NiMH/NICd Battery Charger
  • Input: 110VAC 69hz 3W
  • Output: 2.4VDC 165mA

  • Charges 2 or 4pcs AA Ni-Cd/Ni-MH batteries at a time
  • Installed with LED lamp indicating proper charging
  • Protection against reverse polarity
  • Compact Size
  • UL Approved

Charge Times (Size AA 2pcs 4pcs):
  • 500-700mAh 5-7 HOURS 7-9 HOURS
  • 800-1000mAh 8-10 HOURS 11-14 HOURS
  • 1200-1600mAh 11-14 HOURS 15-19 HOURS
  • 1700-2100mAh 14-18 HOURS 19-24 HOURS

Operating Instructions:

1.Place 2 or 4pcs batteries in the battery compartment in correct polarity (+) (-). For recharge 2pcs of battery, insert them one above the other into the left or right charging compartment.
2.Plug the charger into the house outlet. The LED indicator will light up instantly. Otherwise check each battery whether it is in correct polarity and good contact.
3.Take off the charger from the plug when charging time is completed.

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