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Casio NP-20 630 mAh Camera Battery (replacement)

Casio NP-20 630 mAh Camera Battery (replacement)
  • Rating: 3.7V 630 mAh
  • Chemistry: Lithium Ion (Li-Ion)
  • Brand: CTA
  • Included Qty: 1
  • Replacement for Casio NP-20, Casio NP-20DBA

Fits the following Casio Camera Models:

Casio Exilim Series
Exilim EX-M1, Exilim EX-M2, Exilim EX-M20,
Exilim EX-M20U, Exilim EX-S1, Exilim EX-S1PM,
Exilim EX-S2, Exilim EX-S2PW, Exilim EX-S20,
Exilim EX-S20U, Exilim EX-S3, Exilim EX-S770BE,
Exilim EX-S770BU, Exilim EX-S770D, Exilim EX-Z3,
Exilim EX-Z4, Exilim EX-Z4U, Exilim EX-Z5,
Exilim EX-Z6, Exilim EX-Z7, Exilim EX-Z60,
Exilim EX-S100, Exilim EX-S100WE, Exilim EX-S500,
Exilim EX-S600D, Exilim EX-Z65, Exilim EX-Z75SR,
Exilim EX-Z75PK, Exilim EX-Z75BE

Casio Exilim EX-S770 Series
Exilim EX-S770, Exilim EX-S770RD,
Exilim EX-S770SR

Casio EX-S500 Series
EX-S500EO, EX-S500GY, EX-S500WE

Casio EX-Z75 Series

Casio EXILIM CARD EX-S600 Series
EX-S600EO, EX-S600SR, EX-S600GD,

Casio Exilim Card EX-S800 Series
EX-S880, Exilim Card EX-S880

Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z60 Series
Zoom EX-Z60, Zoom EX-Z60BK, Zoom EX-Z60SR

Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z70 Series
Zoom EX-Z70, Zoom EX-Z70BK, Zoom EX-Z70SR
Exilim Zoom EX-Z77

All camera models may not be listed.

Item ID: 14992

Price: $19.95 USD

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