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24 Free AAA Alkaline (Powerpack) - White
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36 Volt Battery Pack - NiMH 12000 mAh F size batteries
36 Volt Battery Pack - NiMH 12000 mAh F size batteries

Size: 30 F Cells

Configuration: 3 12V Battery Packs

Capacity: 12000 mAh

Chemistry: Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH)

Connecter: Standard male Tamiya (3 - series connected)

Max. Discharging rate 35A (short time) 20A (continuous)

*If your application requires a higher discharging rate, please do not use the battery pack.

Voltage: 36V

Brand: Power Portable

Included Qty: 1


Length: 13.25"

Width: 4"

Height: 2.5"

Weight: 12lbs

To Charge: Use 3 7.2V - 12V NiMh & NiCD Battery Pack Smart Chargers, and charge each 12V Battery Module seperately to keep battery in balance.

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