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NiMH Batteries (AA, AAA, C, D, 9 Volt and More)

NiMH Battery Combo PacksNiMH Battery Combo Packs
AAA, AA, C, D NiMH Rechargeable Battery Combo Packs - High Capacity and Low Discharge
9 Volt NiMH Batteries9 Volt NiMH Batteries
9 Volt Rechargeable batteries for Wireless Microphones, Metal Detectors, Tens Units and so much more
AA NiMH BatteriesAA NiMH Batteries
Rechargeable NiMH AA Batteries for any application that use AA Batteries. Capacity of 1200mAh up to 2900mAh
AAA NiMH BatteriesAAA NiMH Batteries
Rechargeable AAA NiMH Batteries - Great for any application that uses AAA Batteries - Capacity - 700 mAh to 1200 mAh
C NiMH BatteriesC NiMH Batteries
Rechargeable NiMH C Batteries - Can be used to replace Alklaline C Batteries - Capacity: 2900 mAh to 6000 mAh
D NiMH BatteriesD NiMH Batteries
Rechargeable NiMH D Batteries - Can be used to replace Alklaline D Batteries - Capacity: 2900 mAh to 12000 mAh
AA and AAA NiMH Battery CombosAA and AAA NiMH Battery Combos
AA and AAA NiMH Rechargeable Batteries Sold in Sets
Sub C NiMH BatteriesSub C NiMH Batteries
Ideal for rebuilding battery packs of all different voltages. Upgrade NiCd batteries to NiMH rechargeable batteries
Flat Top NiMH BatteriesFlat Top NiMH Batteries
Flat Top NiMH rechargeable batteries for building any size Battery Packs (2.4v, 3.6v, 4.8v, 6v, 7.2v , 8.4v 9.6v, 10.8v, 12v ..etc)
NiMH Batteries With TabsNiMH Batteries With Tabs
NiMH Rechargeable Batteries with Spot Welded Tabs for building any size Battery Pack (2.4v, 3.6v, 4.8v, 6v, 7.2v , 8.4v 9.6v, 10.8v, 12v ..etc)
NiMH Button Cell BatteriesNiMH Button Cell Batteries
40H / H40 1.2 Volt NiMH Rechargeable Button Cell Batteries
Wholesale NiMH  Batteries All SizesWholesale NiMH Batteries All Sizes
Buy NiMH rechargeable Batteries in larger lots and save.

Information and Product Offerings for NiMH (Nickel Metal Hydride) Rechargeable Batteries

Nickel Metal Hydride cells, (abbreviated NiMh) are rechargeable batteries commonly used in today’s consumer electronics. They provide a great alternative to disposable 1.5 Volt Alkaline batteries. NiMh cells hold 2 to 3 times the capacity (also described as power), of Nickel Cadmium (abbreviated NiCd) rechargeable batteries, and are the popular choice for high-drain (high power-consuming) devices such as: digital cameras, mp3players, GPS units, cordless power tools, and even many electric/hybrid vehicles. Think of your NiMh battery as a bath tub which contains or stores energy, rather than water. The larger the bath tub, the greater the capacity of power you will get.

A common misconception however, is that it’s alright to use NiMh batteries in solar lighting. For solar lights, it’s best to use NiCd chemistry because they discharge more slowly. There is a newer version though, (more expensive) of NiMh technology, that does offer a lower discharge rate, called LSD (Low Self-Discharge), originally introduced by Sanyo. Other manufacturers subsequently began production on LSD NiMh rechargeables since then.

Awhile back, NiMh technology was being used to power cell phones and portable computers as well, until Lithium cell technology, took over for those two markets.

NiMh rechargeable batteries are available in different sizes (capacities). The sizes they come in are: AA, AAA, C, D and 9 Volts.

Unlike NiCd chemistry, NiMh batteries do NOT experience “memory effect”, a term which means reduced capacity in a battery caused by re-charging before the battery has been fully discharged. The battery then “remembers” it’s new, lower capacity. In today’s hectic lifestyle, it’s a great convenience to have a “no memory effect” battery because the consumer is free to recharge their NiMh batteries, without concern for the level of charge left in these batteries at the time of recharge.

Most NiMh batteries individually provide 1.2 volts of power per cell, with the obvious exception being the 9 Volt NiMh battery.

As with all batteries, NiMh chemistry batteries are rated by the mAh (milliampere-hours) they provide. The higher the rating, the longer the cell will last. Example: an mAh rating of 8000 (as in the case of a D size battery)will provide power longer than a battery rated at 2200 mAh (as in the case of AA size battery).

Let’s take a look at some of the various mAh ratings, differently sized NiMh rechargeable batteries offer.

Typically, the mAh rating of NiMh AAA size rechargeable batteries, falls between 700 and 1200. A newer version of the AAA, has a low discharge capability, which means it can hold it’s charge for up to 2 years. This is often an attractive choice for schools as an example, whose devices and batteries remain unused/idle during summer months when they are closed.

NiMh AA size batteries typically have mAh ratings of between 2200 and 2900 and also are available in a low discharge format, holding their capacity for up to2 years.

You will find NiMh C size batteries in capacities within the 3500 – 6000 mAh range.
As with AA and AAA sizes, the low discharge version of the C size is also widely used in schools and other institutions/applications where a slow discharge might be economically required.

NiMh D size batteries offer capacities ranging from 8000 mAh to 12000, and once again, come in a low discharge version where slow discharge is preferred.

9 volt NiMh rechargeable batteries technically deliver 8.4 volts of energy.Common capacities of 9 volt NiMh batteries are: 175 mAh, 250 mAh, 300 mAh and325 mAh.
As with the other size NiMh batteries listed in this article, a lower discharge version is available for the 9 volt as well.

Here’s a bit of a closer look at low discharge NiMh batteries: Since they are designed to hold their charge for up to 2 years, they are becoming increasingly popular among consumers, and it’s logical to predict that they will soon outsell regular discharge NiMh batteries and as this shift occurs, their currently higher price, will drop accordingly. Standard NiMh batteries will self discharge after 30 - 40 days. The low discharge Nimh batteries are being advertised as keeping their charge (up to 85% of their charge) for approximately 2 years. That’s quite a significant difference.


NiMh battery PACKS are made up of individual cells of 1.2 volts each, to create4.8 volt packs, 6 volt packs, 7.2 volt packs, and so on. When charging your NiMh battery packs, it’s always a good idea to use a Smart Charger rather than a Timer Controlled Charger, to ensure a full and long lasting charge.

Next, we offer you information about NiMh batteries with tabs, flat top batteries, Sub C batteries, battery chargers, and battery testers.


These batteries have spot welded tabs, used for building any size Battery Pack  (2.4 volt, 3.6 volt, 4.8 volt, 6 volt, 7.2 volt, 8.4 volt 9.6 volt, 10.8 volt, 12 volt ..etc) ranging in ratings of 120mAh - 10,000 mAh.


These batteries are also great for use in building any size battery pack (2.4 volt, 3.6 volt, 4.8 volt, 6 volt, 7.2 volt , 8.4 volt, 9.6 volt, 10.8 volt, 12 volt ..etc) for those who are able to put on the tabs themselves. These are a little cheaper than batteries with tabs and all that is required to attach the tabs, is the ability to operate a simple spot welder.


This is the Ideal NiMh rechargeable battery for use in cordless power tools like drills and rebuilding RC (radio-controlled) battery packs.


Battery Chargers that charge NiMh chemistry batteries are sold in two different types.One is called a Timer-Controlled Charger and the other is called a Smart Charger, or Intelligent Charger. The differences in price will be noticeable but so isthe difference between what each type delivers.


Timer controlled NiMh Battery Chargers operate on a timer that is pre-set at the factory.Charging times can range from 4 hours, as in the case of AAA 750 - 1000mAh  batteries, to 27hours, as in the case of D batteries rated at between 5000 and 12000 mAh. Regardless of which batteries it is charging, the entire unit will shut off when the timer has lapsed. This is an inexpensive way to recharge batteries, but over the long run, is not the best value because with this pre-set timing function, some batteries will in effect, come out undercharged and others might become overcharged.Overcharged batteries are ruined and useless. Isn’t the reason you bought rechargeable batteries, because you wanted the benefit of re-using them over and over? Smart Chargers are best to preserve the intended life cycles of all batteries.

SMART CHARGERS (Also called Intelligent Chargers)

NiMh Smart Chargers, charge all NiMh batteries with a completely different technology than Timer Controlled chargers. Smart chargers actually treat each battery within it, individually and detect exactly the correct amount of recharging each one needs. There is no worry that batteries charged in this type of charger might be over or undercharged. Clearly, NiMh Smart Chargers are the popular choice for consumers  purchasing and using many batteries in varying degrees of usage.


If you have NiMh Rechargeable batteries and of course, a good quality battery charger to go with it, occasionally you will want to test the power of your batteries because even rechargeable batteries, have a finite number of charge cycles. You can pick up an NIMh battery tester that will test all NiMh battery sizes (AA,AAA, C, D, and 9 Volt for as low as $12.99. It might not be something you’d ordinarily think of owning, but if you have one, you will be glad you do.


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