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Hearing Aid Batteries

Duracell Hearing Aid BatteriesDuracell Hearing Aid Batteries
Duracell Activeair Size 10, 13 and 312
Size 10 - Hearing Aid BatteriesSize 10 - Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing Aid Batteries in Multiple Quantities
Rayovac Hearing Aid BatteriesRayovac Hearing Aid Batteries
Rayovac Advanced Size 10, 13 and 312
Size 13 - Hearing Aid BatteriesSize 13 - Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing Aid Batteries in Multiple Quantities
Powerone Hearing Aid BatteriesPowerone Hearing Aid Batteries
Power One (Varta) Size 10, 13 and 312.
Size 312 - Hearing Aid BatteriesSize 312 - Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing Aid Batteries in Multiple Quantities
Zenipower Hearing Aid BatteriesZenipower Hearing Aid Batteries
Zenipower HP Size 10, 13 and 312
Size 675 - Hearing Aid BatteriesSize 675 - Hearing Aid Batteries
Hearing Aid Batteries in Multiple Quantities
Sony Hearing Aid BatteriesSony Hearing Aid Batteries
Sony Size 10, 13 and 312
Renata Hearing Aid BatteriesRenata Hearing Aid Batteries
Renata Size 10, 13 and 312



All electronic Hearing Aids (also called Cochlear devices, hearing impairment devices, audiological implants), operate on batteries. Hearing aid batteries are a unique and specific breed of battery onto themselves. They are manufactured with Zinc Air Chemistry. Hearing aid batteries are non-rechargeable.

Hearing Aid batteries are 1.4 volts and are produced in 4 sizes. These sizes are: 10,  13,  312, and 675. We provide these links for you so you can go directly to the size you require.

The typical life span of a regularly used hearing aid battery is between 5 and 10 days.

Many big brand names produce them, but each with their own model numbers. Here, we provide a list of various manufacturer equivalent model numbers, grouped by size:

Size 10: (5.8 mm x 3.6 mm)

·       10A,10AE, R10ZA, ME10Z, V10AT,

·       AC10, 20PA, PR-10PA, DA230,

·       AC230, 7005ZD, PR-230PA, 230HPX,

·       PR536, AC230E, PR536, DA230,

·       ZA10, DA10H, 10HPX, L10ZA, ZA10,

·       VT10, PR70, XL10, AP10

     Size 13: (7.9 mm x 5.4 mm)

·       13A, A13, 13AE, DA13, 13HPX, AC13,

·       P13, PR13H, ZA13, PR48, B0134, B26PA,

·       DA13H, DA13N, 13HP, AC13E, AC13EZ,

·       ME8Z, L13ZA, W13ZA, S13A, 13SA

     Size 312: (7.9 mm x 3.6 mm)

·       A312, 312A, 312AE, DA312, 312HPX,

·       AC312, P312, PR312H, ZA312, PR41,

·       B3124, B347PA, DA312H, DA312N,

·       312HP, AC312E, AC312EZ, ME7Z,

·       L312ZA, W312ZA, S312A, 312SA

     Size 675: (11.6 mm x 5.4 mm)

·       A675, 675AE, DA675, 675HPX, AC675,

·       P675, PR675H, ZA675, 675HP, DA675N, DA675H,

·       AC675E, AC675EZ, W675ZA, S675A, 675SA, B6754,

·       B900PA, PR44, ME9Z, L975ZA

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