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HDmi Cables

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HDTV GE Futura TV Antenna

$26.99 USD

Rolodex 82418 4-Port 2.0 USB Hub

$12.99 USD

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Information and Product Offerings for HDMI Cables

HDMI, abbreviated from High-Definition Multimedia Interface cables, are cables used for transmitting uncompressed data in many of today’s audio and video applications. They provide a digital alternative to the analog technology found in coaxial cables. HDMI cables are the first and currently, only “industry-supported” uncompressed and completely digital audio and video interface. 

A brief list of applications and devices where HDMI cables are commonly used, includes: DVD players, HDTV televisions, BluRay disc players, personal computers, video gaming applications , digital camcorders, digital audio equipment used by consumers and sound engineers, and a host of other equipment in today’s consumer and industry electronics marketplace. Having a purely digital signal coming through your entertainment devices not only offers  crisper image and audio quality, but also simplifies the typical maze of analog cables that need to be used, by reducing video and multi-channel audio signals into a single cable. HDMI cables offer user-friendliness, superior quality and low cost to the purchaser. Please click the links above or read detailed descriptions below, selection of HDMI cables and related HDMI products.

If, before your purchase, you require additional information about applications HDMI cables, please Contact Us with your query.

(BLACK 12 Ft) GE Ultra Prograde A to A HDMI Cable

Connects to HDTVs, AV receivers, DVD players or any other HDMI-enabled devices.

* Gold-plated conductors ensure long-lasting corrosion-free connections.

* Supports all HDMI-enabled HDTVs.

* HDMI 1.3 and Simplay compliant.

* 12-Foot Cable.


Connects to HDTV monitor, AV receiver, DVD player and any other devices with HDMI connectivity. Easy to use – only one connection for audio and video.

* Industry certified cable

* Flexible design

* Gold-plated connectors

* Provides the highest quality signal for today’s sophisticated audio/video equipment

 HDTV GE Futura TV Antenna

GE Futura TV Antenna

* Exceptional HDTV reception

* Receives standard VHF/UHF

* For clear VHF reception

* New Slim profile design

 Rolodex 82418 4-Port 2.0 USB Hub

Allows USB connections to streamline multiply connections by consolidation into one hub

Add a power adapter for more high-performance devices

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