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2CR5, EL2CR5, 245 6v Lithium Batteries

Wholesale 2CR5, EL2CR5, 245 6v Lithium Batteries
2CR5, EL2CR5, 245 6v battery at wholesale
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Information and Product Offerings for 2CR5 6 Volt Photo Lithium Batteries

2CR5 Photo Lithium Batteries are 6 Volt batteries, commonly used in today’s digital cameras and flashes. They are heavily manufactured by leaders in battery production such as:  Duracell, Panasonic, Sanyo and Energizer. The 2CR5 is a disposable (single-use, non rechargeable) lithium camera battery.

It’s not cheap, usually priced at between $9.00 and $14.00 each. The equivalent 2CR5 battery manufactured in China as a generic version, can be purchased for between $5.00 and $7.00 each.

Please see our entire Photo Lithium Section for the full range of disposable Lithium and rechargeable lithium ion versions we carry.

We accept purchase orders from: The Private and Public sectors, Non-Profit Organizations and Institutions, Municipal, State, and Federal Government Agencies and Departments, Schools and Universities, Laboratories, The Hotel Industry, and All Volume Users of Rechargeable Batteries and Chargers.

Visit our many impressive DAILY SPECIALS which, as the name implies, change DAILY!  

Should you have any questions about batteries and charger combos before you purchase, we encourage you to contact us with your queries to get the accurate, technical information you need. We’re always happy to assist you!

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