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24 Free AAA Alkaline (Powerpack) - White
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AA and AAA NiMH Rechargeable Battery Combos

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Information and Product Offerings for AA and AAA NiMh (Nickel Metal Hydride) Rechargeable Battery Combos!

AA and AAA size Nickel Metal Hydride cells, (abbreviated NiMh) are rechargeable batteries commonly used today in both consumer electronics and in industry. AA and AAA NiMh cells deliver 2 to 3 times the power of Nickel Cadmium (abbreviated NiCd) rechargeable batteries, and are the popular choice for most high-drain devices such as Cameras, Flashes, Radios and Flash Lights, just to name a few.

AA and AAA NiMh rechargeable batteries have some substantial features going for them that make them so popular in today’s digital and electronic world. They do not experience “memory effect” which means you can recharge them without concern for how much power has been depleted from them at time of charge. Their memory will not “shorten”. They offer many, many life cycles, greatly surpassing the total life span of Alkaline batteries.

As with all batteries, NiMH chemistry batteries are rated by the mAh (milliampere-hours) they provide. The higher the rating on your AA or AAA NiMh cells, the longer they will last.

These NiMh rechargeable batteries are also available in the latest NiMh technology called Low Self-Discharge (LSD), allowing them to hold their charge while not in use, much more efficiently and for longer, than standard NiMh batteries do.

Please visit our AA/AAA NiMH Charger Section to select a good quality charger to go with these.

Visit our many impressive DAILY SPECIALS which, as the name implies, change DAILY!  If you check them out regularly, you can stock up when you spot a deal on a type or size of battery you use frequently and benefit from the most value!

Please visit our AA NiMH Wholesale Section if you are a wholesale user of AA and our AAA NiMH Wholesale Section if you’re a user of AAA. Our Purchase Order Page shows to send us your P.O.

If you’d like to buy batteries or chargers but have questions before you do so, simply contact us for the guidance you need. Our commitment to customer service means you get the accurate technical information you require, prior to your purchase.

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