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24 Free AAA Alkaline (Powerpack) - White
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Alkaline Batteries

9 Volt Alkaline Batteries EN22, MN1604, PC16049 Volt Alkaline Batteries EN22, MN1604, PC1604
Procell, Energizer, Duracell, Maxell
AA Alkaline BatteriesAA Alkaline Batteries
Buy AA alkaline batteries in bulk.
AAA Alkaline BatteriesAAA Alkaline Batteries
Buy AAA alkaline batteries in bulk
C Alkaline batteriesC Alkaline batteries
Buy C alkaline batteries in bulk.
D Alkaline BatteriesD Alkaline Batteries
Buy D batteries in bulk
AA / AAA / C / D / 9v Alkaline Battery CombosAA / AAA / C / D / 9v Alkaline Battery Combos
Buy Duracell and Energizer Batteries at Discount Prices in Packages
Carded - AA / AAA / C / D / 9 Volt Maxell Alkaline BatteriesCarded - AA / AAA / C / D / 9 Volt Maxell Alkaline Batteries
AA Maxell 2 and 4 Cards, AAA Maxell 2 and 4 Cards , C on 2 Card , D on 2 Card and 9 Volt on a Card - Great for Retail.
Duracell Coppertop Batteries in BulkDuracell Coppertop Batteries in Bulk
Buy Duracell Coppertop Alkaline Batteries
AA Duracell Alkaline Batteries (MN1400) on Retail CardsAA Duracell Alkaline Batteries (MN1400) on Retail Cards
Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries on a 4 Card
A544 / 4LR44 Alkaline / 4SR44 Silver Oxide BatteriesA544 / 4LR44 Alkaline / 4SR44 Silver Oxide Batteries
4SR44, 476A, GP476, K28L, L1325, PX28A, V28PX for Cameras, Dog Collars, Keyless Remotes
LR1 'N Size' Alkaline BatteriesLR1 'N Size' Alkaline Batteries
LR1 Alkaline Batteries, Also known as "N" size
23A / A27 Alkaline Batteries23A / A27 Alkaline Batteries
23A / A27 Alkaline Battery for Car Alarms, Garage Door Openers...
Alkaline Button Batteries (AG, SR, LR Coin Cells)Alkaline Button Batteries (AG, SR, LR Coin Cells)
Including AG0 (LR63), AG3 (LR41), AG5( LR48), AG10 (LR54), AG13 (LR44) and Much more
LR625A LR9 V625U PX625 Alkaline BatteriesLR625A LR9 V625U PX625 Alkaline Batteries
Batteries for Watches, Remotes and Cameras
AAAA Alkaline BatteriesAAAA Alkaline Batteries
AAAA Alakline Batteries Also Knows As: 25A, MN2500, E96, LR8D425
6 Volt Alkaline Lantern Batteries6 Volt Alkaline Lantern Batteries
6v Screw Type Alakline Batteries for Many Applications

Information and Product Offerings for Alkaline Batteries

Alkaline Batteries have been a staple in the battery industry for many years. They power a huge range of devices such as: digital cameras, Dog Collars, Keyless Remotes, flashlights, radios, children’s toys, GPS units just to name a few, and have quite a few interesting benefits going for them. Let’s begin with the basics:

Alkaline batteries are manufactured in many sizes. The top of this page indexes all the different sizes we carry.

They are widely available everywhere and they are inexpensive. Alkaline batteries are non rechargeable. Other phrases used to describe non rechargeable cells are: single use, throw away and disposable. This simply means they cannot be charged in a charger. They have one life cycle and once depleted, the batterys’ life is over.

An attractive feature about Alkaline batteries is that they are low discharge. This means they can remain unused, on the shelf, with very low discharge of power, and their shelf-life typically spans 10 years + so you can confidently stock up on Alkalines, with no worries that they’ll expire before you need them.

They are manufactured by a host of popular brand names such as: Duracell, Procell, Energizer, Energizer Industrial, Sanyo, and Rayovac, just to name a few and are of course, also available in generic form, which are cheaper, and for the most part, equal in performance.

Large volume users like Government Agencies, Schools and Universities, Institutions and Corporations often buywholesalelots of bulk packaged Alkaline Batteries because of their inexpensive price and very long shelf life. Resellers buy them packaged on blister cards, ready for retail display.

If you’re an Alkaline Battery Wholesale User please see our Wholesale Alkaline Section. Visit our Purchase Order Page if you wish to send us your P.O. Tell us your requirements, we’ll work closely with you to try to accommodate even the most detailed wholesale purchase order.

Visit our many impressive DAILY SPECIALS which, as the name implies, change DAILY!  If you check them out regularly, you can stock up when you spot a deal on a type or size of battery you use frequently, and benefit from the most value!

Should you have any questions about batteries and/or chargers before you purchase, we encourage you to contact us with your queries to get the accurate, technical information you need. We’re always happy to assist you!

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